Hooray! Uh oh...

You might already know there's a review of our 13" Fry pan in the Sept/Oct issue of Cook's Illustrated...hooray! And they liked it...hooray! We're really blown away by the response - thank you!

And on to the 'uh oh'... We're a couple of artists/craftsmen making small batch pans, as well as handling all the day to day operations of a studio and small business. We're currently experiencing an extremely high volume of orders, phone calls and emails, which is why we're unable to process orders over the phone - the online store helps us streamline the ordering process immensely!

A few notes about the online store:

We had over 350 people on the website placing orders when the weekly post went live, and we sold out of a large batch of pans very quickly - it was unbelievable! So we will be introducing a backorder option of 100 - 13" fry pans with a processing time of 12 weeks next Wednesday on top of our weekly post.

Also, a note about the shopping cart and why an item in your cart might not be there when you check out: our website is a Squarespace template and the shopping cart is how they set it up - below is an excerpt from the Squarespace Commerce FAQ page regarding the issue:

When will a product be removed from inventory?
A product's stock level will reduce when a customer checks out. This means that if you have one product left in stock but two customers added it to their carts, the product will be sold to whoever completes checkout first.

So just know that you'll want to check out quickly!

We're working through a backlog of phone calls and emails, but we're also making pans and processing a ton of orders - so it may take us some time to get back to you, but we will, and thank you so much for bearing with us!


Patrick & Caryn