How the Monthly Lottery works...

Because the Online Sales sell out so quickly, we also sell the pans through a lottery system. The lottery opens every 1st Sunday of the month at 3pm PT and closes the following morning at 10am PT, so you have all day to submit your entry into the lottery. We sell 25-30 pans per month, and lottery recipients are eligible to purchase up to 3 pans of any size/style they wish.

  • The Lottery opens every first Sunday of the month at 3PM PT (west coast time) and closes the following Monday morning at 10AM PT.

  • You'll find a link to the Lottery page in the website banner at the top of the page.

  • There is a limit of one entry per person.

  • Names will be entered into a random number generator to determine the recipients.

  • If your name is selected, we'll notify next day Tuesday - if you do not receive an email, then your name was not selected.

  • Lottery recipients will be able to choose any pan for purchase - up to 3 pans. Click HERE to see styles, specs and prices.

  • Orders take approximately 4-6 weeks to process once the order is placed.

  • Thank you!