A belated Happy New Year and an update...


We've been quietly getting things in order after a crazy end to last year. The power hammer is in much better shape now, and Patrick's been working on a bunch of new tooling. So production's off the ground and should be humming soon!

We'll have our first online 'Shop' posting of the year Wednesday, February 10th at 10am PST. Since our recent posts have sold out in minutes, we're posting a very large inventory with production and shipping times taking up to six months - it's a big one!

We'll also be working on inventory to sell locally at our studio Sunday, May 1st - so if you're local to Seattle, please Save the Date and stay tuned! We'll announce the details when we get closer to the date.

Thank you all for your support this last year, and all the years before that! We are so incredibly grateful, and we're excited to be getting back to it!

All our best,

Patrick & Caryn