IOU pan gifts are now available!

Special for the holidays! An IOU gift package to give as a placeholder until we can make the pan(s). It's not the actual pan, but it's a lovely little thing to open up on Christmas morning and have as a keepsake until the pan arrives.

Each order comes with a magnet and a gift card, saying we're forging a (blank) - whatever your order is, and that it'll be ready as soon as possible.

Orders will be processed over the next 3 months, and will be shipped or available for pick up in 4 - 12 weeks. If you want to pick your order up at the studio, just type 'pickup' into the promo code and the shipping charges will be waived.

We're still busy making pans, but it's getting down to the wire - we'll continue to keep you posted!

Happy holidays,

Blu Skillet Ironware