For media inquiries, please contact Caryn Badgett at - Photography credit: Kim Doyel, KLDstudio


Blu Skillet Ironware is the collaboration of Patrick Maher and Caryn Badgett, two artists who share a commitment and passion for creating beautiful objects through time-honored craftsmanship. Their collaborative efforts ultimately led to a product line of carbon steel pans. They loved the combination of art, slow production, and designing through process and material. Located in Seattle, WA, they made their first pan in 2012 and formed Blu Skillet Ironware in 2013 as a way to focus on the pans. 

Working as a blacksmith since 1992, Patrick's work includes commercial and residential architectural ironwork, public artwork, as well as making tools and hardware. He attended art school in Boston and then Seattle, majoring in drawing and sculpture. He studied ceramics for a time, gradually moving towards metal and ultimately blacksmithing, which combined the fluidity of clay with the hardness and permanence of iron.

Caryn has a background in painting and mixed media. She makes her own gesso from a 14th century recipe, and combines old processes with experiment and play. She loves small things, forming intimate relationships with materials, and learning painstaking processes. As part of pan production, she blues the pans, as well as grinds and sands their surfaces until they are smooth and feel good in the hand.