How the Lottery works...

We sell the pans through a lottery system every first Sunday of the month. The month of December, we have a special Holiday Lottery with some unique items in addition to the pans.

  • The Lottery will open Sunday, December 2nd at 3PM PT (west coast time) - it closes Monday, December 3rd at 10AM PT.

  • You'll find a link to the Lottery page in the website banner at the top of the page.

  • You may enter your name for each category you are interested in, but only one entry per person.

  • Names will be entered into a random number generator to determine the recipients.

  • If your name is selected, we'll notify you Tuesday, December 4th - if you do not reveive an email by end of day Tuesday, your name was not selected.

  • Items will ship or be available for pick up by December 15th.

  • Thank you all so much for a wonderful year!!!

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Holiday Lottery preview coming soon!!!

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