Frequently Asked Questions


Everything is sold out! How do I get a pan?

Thank you for your interest! We’re a small two-person studio and we make a limited number of pans per year (approximately 1,000 if all goes well). Due to high demand, we have a limited number of sales - we currently post a large Online Sale in the spring as well as Monthly Lotteries every 1st Sunday. We also have two local sales a year in the spring and winter at our studio in Seattle.

We announce all of these events well in advance. You can sign up for notifications of the Online Sale HERE. We announce our local studio sales and all the happenings on our Updates section - you can sign up for that HERE. We also post these events on our Instagram and Facebook pages as well.


How do I purchase other items I see in your photos, like the copper salt bowls, spoons, trivets, etc? 

We try to make special items alongside our regular pan production - if we do, we make them available at our local Studio Sales and online through our December Lottery. We’ll announce these sales through our Updates section, as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Can we visit your studio?  

We have Open Studio hours every 1st Sunday of the month from 12-3pm and Patrick will demo throughout the day - please feel free to stop by!

If you’re visiting from out of town and would like to visit our studio, send us a message through our contact page and we'll try to arrange a time - production schedules permitting.

We also have Studio Sales with inventory available for local purchase throughout the year. We'll post the date and time on our Updates page, as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages, closer to the event.


I signed up on one of the mailing lists but have not received any notifications.

There is a two-step verification process when you sign up for mailing lists.  Please make sure to follow through with the confirmation email in order to ensure mail isn't sent to your spam folder.  


Can I sign up on a waitlist?  

We do not have a waiting list.


Do you wholesale or sell retail?

Thank you for your interest, but we do not. We make a limited number of pans, which we sell directly through our online store and out of our workshop.


Do you have information on pan care and seasoning?

Yes, we include pan care information with the pans and you can see that same information HERE.  You can also find great information in these articles: Cook’s Illustrated - The Chef’s Secret Weapon, and Serious Eats - Love Cast Iron Pans, Then You Should Know About Carbon Steel.


Do you accept returns?

If an item isn't what you expected, please contact us - you can also refer to our policy page for information on returns.

Do you offer international shipping?  

Not at this time.

Do the pans work on induction stoves? Glasstop stoves?  

Yes. Please refer to your owners manual if you’re still uncertain or need specific information - they should have a note regarding carbon steel pans.